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Reuse Technologies has developed a totally innovative "Game Changer" Holistic Approach dealing with waste solutions and producing revenue streams - all covered by our Intellectual Property.

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recycling systems

Our solutions eradicate oil-based plastics from the environment.

giving hope to the environment

We convert plastics into Hydrogen and/or Diesel oil, Electricity and Carbon black, in a process that offers an ideal system to take waste plastics out of the environment.

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turning waste into revenue

Our solutions offer a complete "end-of-use" treatment system that can deal with the millions of tons of plastics that currently plague the world’s oceans.

improve your quality of life

Imagine a future where cities across the world have turned their waste streams into revenue streams. Plus, the potential to Remediate existing Strategic Landfill sites for Re-Use near to existing Conurbations – making the land available/ Housing/Leisure/Parks.

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Dirt Free

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To become a leader in providing commercial green solution for processing organic waste across the globe.

Around the world, waste generation rates are rising. In 2012, the worlds' cities generated 1.3 billion tonnes of solid waste per year, amounting to a footprint of 1.2 kilograms per person per day. With rapid population growth and urbanization, municipal waste generation is expected to rise to 2.2 billion tonnes by 2025.

The projected impacts of our demonstration research include the ability to process 230-400,000 dry tons of municipal solid waste per year with outputs of the most valuable biofuel (LBM) at rates of 40,000-70,000 tons + generation of 5MW-7.5MW of electricity per year, creation of up to 140 permanent jobs and the potential for up to 300 indirect jobs, diversion of 100% of waste going into landfills

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Tons of waste dumped in oceans yearly


Square kilometers of plastic soup in the ocean


Tons of plastic ending up in the ocean yearly


Amount of plastic produced yearly

The backbone of the recycling revolution

The core process technology is the application of the Hydrostatic Pressure Vessel ("HPV"). There are three stages to this process:

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Preparation of the Biomass

The process of extracting Saccharides from Biomass uses Dilute Acid Hydrolysis

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Converting of the saccharides into End Products

In the urban environment around "one million people produce 650,000 tons of waste yearly," which could be processed into 46,000 tons of liquid bio-methane.

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There's plastic in your intestines

Do you remember what you ate last week? Did you drink from plastic bottles, eat fish or seafood, or any food that was packaged in plastic? If you did - and you almost certainly did - there is a high chance that plastic is present in your body in microscopic quantity.