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Reuse Overview

As a company specializing in waste treatment solutions, Reuse Technologies SA is confident that we can provide a viable solution to deal with the challenges relating to waste management and unemployment.

We can confirm that our Process solutions diverts any and all Biomass fraction from Landfill, converting it to Bio-fuels and other usable products. We can diversify energy production, while at the same time decrease landfill use, and increase revenue and employment.

About Us

Our Mission

Reuse Technologies SA aims to establish resource efficiency throughout the world with the erection of Biomethanation Plants. Poised with a wealth of research and development in the Green Technology Sector, Reuse Technologies SA has a solution to climate change challenges and establish itself as a leader in environmental technology on a national and international scale.NEAR FUTUREVENTURES WITH THE SOUTH AFRICAN GOVERNMENT.

We intend on changing the current linear waste economy into a circular economy which will transform the way society views and treats waste. Reuse Technologies SA is on a mission to achieve separation of waste at the source being at home which will contribute to a better environment and efficient way of handling waste


How Waste to Energy Works

Offering a solution for a cleaner future by working to make the cities of tomorrow energy positive and eco-friendly.

Our Waste to Energy Facility takes waste – otherwise destined for landfill – sorts it through a Materials Recovery System thus recycling as much as possible, then putting the remaining waste through our three stage process, resulting in the generation of high quality biogas which can be futher converted into a number of green products. There is no ash as a result as the entire process is contained in water via use of an Aqueous Phased Oxidation Process. Reaction is speeded up from 20/30 days to 2 days or less which enables all the Biomass to be converted.

While this process may sound simple, it requires many steps and state-of-the-art technology to do it safely and as Reuse Technologies SA, we have it down to a science.

How it works

Organic Waste Legislation

Reuse Technologies SA is committed to the conservation of natural resources by taking the necessary steps to improve the way we use them. We implement solutions for more efficient waste management and energy generation in line with the latest legislation.

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DEADP organic waste landfill ban letter July 2018.

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National waste

National waste management strategy.

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Extended producer responsibility regulations.

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National norms

National norms and standards for the treatment of organic waste

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