230,000 - 400,000 dry tons of municipal solid waste per year

Reuse technologies is specializing in Waste treatment facilities and provides an innovative solution to divert any and all Biomass fraction from landfill, converting it to Bio-fuels and other usable products with no residue thus providing a zero waste community

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Outputs of the most valuable biofuel (LBM) at rates of 40,000 - 70,000 tons

We will provide the opportunity to turn overflowing waste streams into much needed revenue streams with an unique market transformation model that will change how municipal waste is viewed and handled for the forseeable future

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Generation of 5 MW - 7.5 MW of electricity per year and Creation of up to 140 permanent jobs & potential for up to 300 indirect jobs

Our innovative process reduces the Carbon Footprint every step of the way, by dealing with waste solutions and productiong revenue streams that are all covered by our Intellectual Property and hnow-how

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Potential Diversion of 100% of waste going into landfills and A return on investment within 3 to 5 years

We can diversify energy production, while at the same time decreasing landfill use, and increasing revenue and emplyment. Our modular process facilities can be adapted to different Waste-To-Energy problems and offer a range of Metro Solutions for the Environment.