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Proven Technology

Our proprietary methodologies include tried and proven technology evolved for the 21st century and beyond. Our specialist solutions and know-how provide an opportunity to integrate current modalities for municipal waste management with a sustainable fuel production infrastructure, and distributed energy production opportunities. This forms the basis for waste-to-revenue processing.The processed output is carbon neutral.

After final extraction, every residue produced is inert and reusable

Pre-stored biomass can be blended into the process

Thermal Convertion Advantages

Modular design specification.

Low visual impact and small footprint..

Plant process is contained in water.

Plant is totally enclosed to contain and treat odors.

Minimal emissions and greenhouse gas production.

Relatively low capital outlay, when compared with comparable processes.

Plant components can be easily extended, replaced, maintained and overhauled.

Significantly lower emissions than with all thermal and composting processes.

Flexibility of operation allows for variations in loads.

No emissions to the atmosphere, no odors and no export of waste.

Biomass from waste water sludge treatment plants can be used in the process.

Municipal solid waste, the organic materials is diverted from land fill dumps.

Process Plant

The Facilities will quantify a city’s municipal solid waste and turn it into revenue. Currently cities experience the financial burdens of sustaining a multi-stream recycling and solid waste program.

In many cases recycling programs COST cities money – long after institutional subsidies are no longer available.

Our approach could turn municipal waste to energy at the transfer station, thus drastically reducing transportation costs, tipping fees, and the need to pay for landfills.