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Benefits of using Reuse Technologies SA

There are a wide range of benefits and reasons as to why Reuse Technologies SA should be used. From the reduction of greenhouse gases to decreasing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.

green revenue solutions

green revenue solutions

Reuse Technologies SA waste-to-energy technologies have enormous potential to provide electricity, fuel, landfill reduction options, and jobs.

turning liabilities into assets

The outcome of the Reuse Technologies SA process will create usable products from businesses to households all in an environmentally accepted way.

turning liabilities into assets
types of wastes treatable

types of wastes treatable

Organic | Inorganic | Inert materials.

Reuse Technologies SA holistic approach has an enormous potential to provide home grown electricity, fuel, landfill reduction options and jobs. All of these will bring the change needed to make the world a cleaner and more productive Country. Our proprietary methodologies include tried and proven technologies for the future. These solutions provide an opportunity to integrate current modalities for municipal waste management with a sustainable fuel production infrastructure, and distributed energy production opportunities that form the basis for waste-to-revenue processing.

Liabilities Into Assets

By making use of this revolutionary Patented Technology Countries making use of Reuse Technologies SA will become leaders in waste management and beacons of hope in the fight against global warming and also stand tall as a world leader. Reuse Technologies SA is striving to enhance efforts to transition to a lower carbon world, as well as to adapt in the short, medium and long term to the impacts of increasing temperatures, and reduced rainfall in many parts of the world.

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Recycling programs are COSTING cities money long after funds are depleted. The Reuse Technologies SA Solutions approach could turn municipal waste to energy at the transfer station, thus drastically reducing transportation costs, tipping fees, andthe need to pay for landfills.

Diverting Biomass from Landfill. Conversion to Bio-fuels by using Wind to continuously power the innovative Plant. Reducing the Carbon Footprint every step of the way.

Ways to benefit from Reuse Technologies SA

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