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ReUse Plastics – Our Solution for Plastic Reuse

Our solutions eradicate oil-based plastics including tyres from the environment. We convert plastics and tyres into Hydrogen and/or Diesel oil, Electricity and Carbon black, in a process that offers an ideal system to take waste plastics/tyres out of the environment. Tyres is a similar process to plastics but stripping the tyres down to remove the metal wires reinforcing them takes an additional work force but you get more material because of the weight ratio.

Our solutions offer a complete "end-of-use" treatment system that can deal with the millions of tons of plastics that currently plague the world’s oceans. Our unique programs in waste management can be constructed and fitted out on boats and barges - as well as on land.

Our novel process removes the potential for the plastics and tyres to become major Green House Gas emitters, and the Carbon black that is processed can be utilized as bio-char, which can be productively used in soil amendment.


% of plastic recycled in the world


Amount of plastic recyclable yearly in SA (tons)


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ReUse Plastics

Our "once and for all" solutions deal with the plastics after collection, and provide a global ultimate solution. This solution is only available through Re Use Plastics - part of Reuse Ltd.

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ReUse Solutions

There are no restrictions to the sizing of our plants, which can be effective in treating plastics for any size of community in any urban, rural or maritime context. A typical installation can handle from 8,000 to 36,000+ tons of plastics per year. Our installations can be mounted on boats and barges and deliver a financial pay back in about 4 to 5 years, as well as being self-sufficient in energy. Similar installations built on land have the same potential, and the larger installations can "pay for themselves" within 3 years. Our processes are emission-free and self-sufficient in power use. A typical facility can be designed, built and commissioned within 15 to 18 months - and partly operating within 12 months.