Ideal Partnership

Reuse Technologies envisions an ideal partnership with the Provinces of South Africa. Our demonstration facilities will quantify a city’s municipal solid waste and turn it into revenue. Presently, cities are finding it to be financially burdensome to sustain a multi-stream recycling and solid waste program.

In many cases recycling programs are COSTING cities money long after state subsidies are no longer available. Reuse Technologies approach could turn municipal waste to energy at the transfer station, thus drastically reducing transportation costs, tipping fees, need to pay for landfills and also reduce the amount of land lost to landfills.

Practical And Financial Adoption

Natural gas products, solar and wind seem to present the best opportunities for growth, but of the three, Waste-to-Energy presents the best return on investment.

By dynamically integrating a practical and financial adoption pathway through complementary waste and energy end-states Reuse Technologies revitalizes domestic energy manufacturing, promotes technological leadership of South African companies, and helps transform Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) into a viable driver for local and regional jobs, and National energy independence.