What We Do

What We Do

End-to-End solutions benefitting business and environment

We at Reuse Technologies SA have ideated a way for waste to be managed in a more sustainable way. This will be achieved with the utilization of a patented product called the HPV. This game changing product will change the way waste is handled. Apart from making the Waste-to-Energy process economically feasible and environmentally friendlier it will make the process of Waste-to-Energy much faster than the competitors.

We offer an end-to-end, tailored solution which will divert waste from landfills. This will free up landfills thus giving them the much needed extra space as landfill airspace is at a critical low level. Once waste is diverted from landfills there are a variety of green products extracted which are valuable. This in turn brings about a circular economy business model.

Surpasses fossil fuels

Changing the way waste is viewed from being a headache to becoming a sustainable resource which surpasses fossil fuels.

Linear to Circular Waste Economy

A linear economy we mine raw materials that we process into a product that is thrown away after use. In a circular economy, we close the cycles of all these raw materials.

What we deliver

We develop tailored solutions for waste challenges of any nature or scale to help you Reduce, Reuse and Recycle your waste materials in every area of your business. Utilizing our comprehensive sustainable solutions to avoid landfill disposal will protect your brand, reduce carbon footprint and help you achieve your short and long term sustainability goals

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